Provisional closure

IAPC closed its doors halfway through March due to the corona measures of the UT. However, we suffer from a much longer standing shortage of active people and candidate board members in particular. Therefore, the decision was made that IAPC would provisionally close its doors. This was however largely overtaken by the corona closure.

Enter the candidate board! Hooray! More about it will be announced later but this means that IAPC can go on and that we strive to reopen. However, we still have to deal with the corona measures of the UT and, also with the candidate board, we still have considerable challenges ahead to also survive in the longer term: how can we optimise our internal processes and make them less time-consuming, and how do we succeed in better reaching customers and potential activists and board members and better involve them?

Although we strive to reopen, much thinking is still going on on the question of how to do that. So, for the time being we remain closed, which still has the following effects:

  • The store is closed;
  • The helpdesk is only minimally available;
  • To ensure continuity in it, the providing of the study supplies is being transferred to the relevant study associations: Inter-Actief and Proto. This will be the case at least in the study year 2020/2021. Regarding books, IAPC's infrastructure may continue to be used.

IAPC recognises its legal duty to take care of the warranty on products already sold and will honour this as good as possible, also when closed.