Become active!

Foundation IAPC has a tremendously sociable group of student volunteers from the University of Twente (and a few individuals from Saxion in Enschede.

A day in the life of a cooperant

Early hours

Some mornings there are already cooperants at IAPC at around 10 o’clock, enjoying a quiet study- or working space.

Rush Hour

Every business day IAPC is open during the break, but often even longer. The “sales committee” help customers at the counter. A “Day Manager” (such a board member) is present to approve orders, register new product deliveries in the system, get post and support the store shift and sales committee. (A lot of new cooperants start at the sales committee to be active and learn to know IAPC, but that is certainly not required!)


Although the store is officially only open during the break, cooperants have a tendency to stay for the enjoyable atmosphere, logistical work etc.


Some evenings, from 20:00h, there are committee activities. Sometimes the committees (and other interested volunteers) order food or grab a bite at the Mensa in the Waaier building.

IAPC is “gezellig”!

That IAPC seems to be ‘’gezellig” is apparent from the amount of cooperants who joined recently. But why do these people enjoy being at IAPC?

  • Excursions to CeBIT, the movie theatre, etc.
  • Spontaneously ordering dinner together (from e.g. Pulcinella) or lunch.
  • Social evenings with movies on a big screen or Cards Against Humanity.
  • A love for puns or just bad jokes.
  • A diverse mess of different personalities!
  • Students from all faculties coming together.
  • Personalized mugs for cooperants!

IAPC is useful!

IAPC helps with the forming of academic skills, sometimes even better than the University!

  • Learn ‘hard skills’ (e.g. programming in Java, PHP, system management, graphical design).
  • Learn ‘soft skills’ (e.g. costumer contact, logistical insight, industriousness).
  • Learning to be productive (e.g. achieving goals, providing measurable contributions (such as translating the site!)).
  • Learning to be critical (there are enough opinions at IAPC).
  • Build friendships (you can really quickly grow from underdog to friendly face at IAPC).
  • Build networks (with all the contacts of colleague-cooperants, you have a big network at your disposal).

Now what?

Have you become (slightly) convinced of IAPC and its goals and are you interested to get to know IAPC better? Walk in when we are open! We guarantee that you will be a happy cooperant within 20 minutes. If you become cooperant at IAPC, you will get:

  • A discount on all your orders.
  • An account for the our numerous computer systems.
  • (on your own expenses) A personal mug in IAPC-style.
  • Access to our internal Slack group (which is always good for a laugh or a technical question).
  • Insight into the workings of a real store.
  • Snacks during committee activities

IAPC is for you!

Don’t worry about your (technical) skills or experience. Running a store exists of a various amounts of jobs such that IAPC has a place for students with all kinds of backgrounds: from Technical Computer Science all the way to Psychology students. To give you an idea:

  • You can use your costumer focus in the Sales committee.
  • You can use your attention to detail in the Book committee.
  • You can use your technical knowhow in the Helpdesk committee.
  • You can use your logistical awesomeness in the Logistical committee.
  • You can use your MacGyver skills in the RMA-Committee.
  • You can use your PC building skills in the ContruCie.
  • You can use your Linux- and Windows knowledge in the System committee
  • You can use your webdev skills in the WWW-committee, also one of the best committees.
  • You can use your programming skills in the SKROL or Swipe committee.
  • You can use your creative accounting skills in the Cash Audit Committee (KasCo).
  • You can use your graphic design and marketing skills in the PR-committee.
  • You can use your planning skills in the Excursion committee.