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Raspberry Pi 4 4GB now generally available!

In anticipation of the arrival of the new Raspberry Pi 5, we still have a large stock of the Pi 4. So, if you need a Pi quickly for a fun project, you can get it from us now.

If you are waiting for the Pi 5, that is possible, but keep in mind that it will be significantly more expensive, due to a slight price increase of the Pi itself, but especially the (effectively no longer optional) housing with active cooling , and yet another new, more expensive power supply make the Pi 5 considerably more expensive, especially now that it has just been released.

If you don't necessarily need the extra raw performance, then the Pi 4 is certainly still an excellent choice, especially because the price difference with the Pi 4 means you get more memory for the same price.

If you have any questions, we are always happy to help you at the counter, or via our helpdesk!

We are open on our regular times again!

After a long period of regular corona lockdowns, we are now in business as usual! We will be open during our usual opening times between 12:45 and 13:30.

In memory of Peter Wagenaar

Last Monday, we received the sad news that a former board member has passed away due to cancer: Peter Wagenaar, Technical Manager of board 19 from 2007/2008. Peter has left us too soon. He left his wife Mandy, to whom he married recently, behind. Peter was a highly appreciated board member. He has done a lot for IAPC not only within his board year, but also outside of it. Peter has kept close ties with his old board members and friends at the IAPC after his years at the IAPC.

We wish his family and friends all strength and peace during this difficult time.

A new board has been charged

At the supervisory board meeting of Wednesday 9 September the board has been changed. Here, the 31st board, consisting of Jaimie Jellema, Rolf van Kleef andTjalling Hoogendoorn has been decharged. Simultaneously, the 32nd board, consisting of Oussama Raoudi, Erik Oosting, Rick Lubbers and Chris Josten has been charged. Many thanks to the 31st for their efforts and good luck to the 32nd board!

IAPC opening up again!

Starting tomorrow (Monday, 31 August) IAPC is opening again with different opening times! Due to the Corona-schedule of the university we will be open from 13:00 to 13:30. We happily receive customers again!

Candidate board constituted, stay tuned...

A candidate board has been formed! More will be announced later about the candidate board members and a possible reopening. For now, see here.

Store remains closed for the time being

IAPC has had a lack of new board members for a while now. Because of this, the store cannot reopen for the time being. Other activities also experience consequences, look here for more info.

Store closed until at least May 19th due to corona

Due to the corona virus COVID-19 we are closed until at least May 19th. This is due to additional policy of the university. Monitor our website for more information.

If you have any open orders or have any more questions, please send an email to