IAPC goes on! With great joy we can announce that after a long search we luckily found enough willing people and have been able to constitute a candidate board. More to follow about this. We are however still very happy with new activists/cooperants! Also to think how IAPC can continue to function in changing times. Might you be interested? Having a candidate board, we strive to open again and be able to assist people once more but what this will look like still has to be filled in, also because of corona. Want to know more?

Candidate board constituted, stay tuned...

A candidate board has been formed! More will be announced later about the candidate board members and a possible reopening. For now, see here.

Are we open?

Contact info

Stichting I.A.P.C.
Zilverling E105
PO Box 217
7500 AE Enschede
+31 53 489 3927