Collective RMA Sharkoon Combo USB-C docks

We have discovered some non-damaging but potentially annoying issues with the Sharkoon Combo Adapter USB-C docks we have sold. We wish to offer customers who have bought these to return them, after which we will initiate an RMA procedure at our supplier and, after completion, offer a refund.

At the moment, we have identified the following issues:

  • Video output is difficult or impossible to get working on USB-C ports connected to an Intel 7000 series Thunderbolt 3 controller (as with the HP ZBook Studio G5, Lenovo ThinkPad P1 Gen 2 and Gen 3). Possibly also problematic with newer Thunderbolt controllers, not with older ones.
  • Playback of HDCP-protected content may lead to one or multiple resets of the display connection, annoying in combination with the above.
  • Two simultaneous USB data transfers may not be possible on AMD laptops (at least not on the Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 1 AMD, although laptop firmware problems could be the culprit, too).
  • Use of the Power Delivery passthrough function of these docks results in a non-functional PD-controller on at least the HP EliteBook 840 G5. Ceasing use of PD functionality using these docks for a while does bring the laptop's PD controller back to life.
  • Can become quite hot.

When you are affected by these issues or when you're not but would still like to return the dock having knowledge of these issues, we kindly ask you to open a ticket at our helpdesk. Please include a receipt number or supply another proof of purchase. As alternative we can recommend the IB-DK4050-CPD from RaidSonic, which we thoroughly tested. This one does however have a different feature set and is considerably more expensive.

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