Raspberry Pi 4 4GB now generally available!

In anticipation of the arrival of the new Raspberry Pi 5, we still have a large stock of the Pi 4. So, if you need a Pi quickly for a fun project, you can get it from us now.

If you are waiting for the Pi 5, that is possible, but keep in mind that it will be significantly more expensive, due to a slight price increase of the Pi itself, but especially the (effectively no longer optional) housing with active cooling , and yet another new, more expensive power supply make the Pi 5 considerably more expensive, especially now that it has just been released.

If you don't necessarily need the extra raw performance, then the Pi 4 is certainly still an excellent choice, especially because the price difference with the Pi 4 means you get more memory for the same price.

If you have any questions, we are always happy to help you at the counter, or via our helpdesk!

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