Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Website IAPC


This is the privacy and cookie policy of ‘Stichting IAPC’ (“”). IAPC is also the party responsible of the processing of personal data which is collected through this website
This privacy policy is based on the rules concerning the “Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming” (AVG), the European Regulation regarding privacy and data-protection
Stichting IAPC can edit this privacy and cookie policy unilaterally if this is to be found necessary. It therefore recommended to check this policy for changes regularly. In this document, with “IAPC” or “IAPC website” we mean all pages which have their names as following: / with possible extensions behind the .nl. A subsite, such as has its own policy, which is linked on the relevant landing page. A exception on this is the Point of Sale system that is being used within IAPC. For this the privacy policy can be found appended to this article

Processed Data

IAPC only processes data regarding IP-addresses to prevent possible attacks on our services. This data is stored for a maximum of four weeks before being deleted entirely and will not be available to any party whatsoever. We don’t collect any customer data of any form whatsoever.
The website of IAPC tries to host as many files as possible locally, such that we can guarantee your privacy as best as possible


IAPC uses two cookies. The first cookie is used to store you language preference. The second cookie is used for the possible recognition of logged in users. These cookies have a lifetime of a maximum of 14 days after the last activity on our site.


On our contact page we make use of Open Street Maps. This is freely available alternative of Google Maps. By making use of this possibility we try to prevent sending data to possible third parties

Privacy Policy Point of Sale systems


This is the privacy policy of ‘Stichting IAPC’ regarding the use of programs by previously name foundation as sales system, also known as Point-Of-Sale system (POS).
IAPC is the party responsible for the processing of personal data which is collected by these applications.
This privacy policy is based on the rules regarding the
“Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming” (AVG).
Stichting IAPC can unilatterally edit this policy. It is therefore adviced to check this policy regularly for changes. In this document the terms “IACP” or “the foundation”, or “Foundation/Stichting IAPC”, or any logical variation of this, refer to the foundation which can be found under the stie en is registerd as “Stichting Inter-Actief Personal Computing”, and is registerd at the CoC under registrationnumber “41029973”

Processed data

Within the POS-system, at least the following is stored of a customer which has places or has placed an order with us:

  • Naam (first and last name);
  • any form of contact details;
  • autograph and;
  • customertype (e.g. Employee, student, or organisation).

This is the data which is needed to at least identify somebody and are mandatory to fill in for placing an order with us. Whithout this data it is not possible to help you with orders.

If you want to pay on OFI-number, we need, next to the above data, the following data to complete a purchase to you:

  • Name of the faculty;
  • Name of the chair;
  • The name of the contactperson for the invoicing of the chair;
  • The email-address of the contactperson for invoicing of the chair; and
  • the OFI-number.

These are the data which are at least needed to be able to invoice on OFI-number. This data is also mandatoy if you would like to pay on OFI-number.

If you would like to pay by invoice, but don’t have an OFI-number, we need, next to previously named basic information, also the following data, next to permission of the treasurer of IAPC:

  • The CoC number of the company;
  • the name of the company;
  • the name of the financial contact of the company;
  • the invoiceadress of the company; and
  • the emailadress to which the invoice has to be send to

This data is the minimum required data which are needed to be able to pay by invoice without an OFI-number. This data is also mandatory if you whish to pay by invoice without and OFI-number

Goal of the processing

The data is processed for two goals:

  1. Being able to stick to the agreement, concluded during the ordering process; and
  2. being able to send an invoice to the right address.

The goal (1) is only applicable on data which have been given for making an order and the goal (2) is only applicable on data given with as goal being able to recieve and invoice. This data will therfore be used exclusively for aforementioned goals with aforementioned requirements.

Term of storage

We exercise a term of storange of digital information for as long as the tax authority requires of us. The storage of this data means that all information exists and is accessible within the foundation for administrative reasons. After this term has passed the data will be deleted.

Insight, correction and deletion

Anybody can ask insight in the personal data which is stored by IAPC and can be corrected if wanted. If anybody wants to delete the information linked to their person, which has to be done by requesting this at the board of IAPC.