About IAPC

Stichting IAPC (or Stichting Inter-Actief Personal Computing) is a student organisation that runs a store on the University of Twente. IAPC was founded on the 23rd of November 1988 and has the following primary goals:

  1. To provide students and employees of the University of Twente with ICT-related information and advice;
  2. To sell computer parts, complete desktop systems and study materials to students of the University of Twente.

Outside of these primary goals we provide the same services and products to the public, as long as they do not impede the primary goals.


IAPC is a foundation (Stichting) and therefore does not run for profit. The “coöperanten” (volunteers) of IAPC are students that use their interest, enthousiasm and knowledge to provide information and advice to those who visit the store.

Honest prices

For some products (especially cables) there is a big difference between purchase price and the suggested retail price. IAPC calculates acceptable (cost covering) margins on top of the sales price, which is entirely advantageous for the costumer.

For more expensive products IAPC tends to be among the cheaper suppliers (according to the Tweakers pricewatch). For larger orders we tend to play with the price, entirely advantageous to the costumer.

Costumer Friendly

The volunteers of foundation IAPC are happy to help you with their unique range of expertise. A bit of patience is sometimes needed — our “coöperanten” are all volunteers with schedules and obligations. But, thanks to our 24/7 helpdesk and our flexible opening times we want to try and stay in contact with you.

Large Assortment

A lot of articles can be sold directly out of stock, from cables and USB-sticks, but also compressed air and CPU-fans. However, we can supply a lot more! IAPC buys from a number of different suppliers to constantly get the lowest prices possible.

Depending on the amount of orders made by costumers and the necessity of restocking, we order from different suppliers every two weeks. Because of this, we save on shipping costs, which also benefits you! The more there is being ordered at IAPC, the earlier we can make another order at our suppliers.

Personal Ordering

You can order products at IAPC through email or at the desk (during opening times). New costumers or costumers with big orders are requested to visit us in person to sign the order form and fill in any personal details needed (orders go on name). We do this to prevent unwanted stockpiling of products.

When your order has arrived at IAPC, you will receive an email. You can then pay and pick up your order at IAPC during opening hours. Normally orders will not be shipped to the costumer.

Warranty Guaranteed

The prices for our products are low, but the quality of our products certainly not! We pay good attention to the quality of the products we sell. We guarantee factory warranted.If a product breaks unexpectedly, then we will take care of the shipping the the supplier. A (proven broken) product will be repaired, replaced or compensated.


For questions you can ask our helpdesk or call during our opening hours. See our contact details for more info and if we will be open on a given day.
For up-to-date opening times, look at the front page to see if the store is open!