IAPC knows a number of comittees with members. Coöperants are often member of multiple comittees. Some commitees have comitee evenings; other comittees tend to exist more through email correspondence. Here follows an overview of the IAPC committees:


The sales comitee takes care of the daily store shift with cooperants behind the counter. They use SKROL for sales and order administration. Almost every cooperant is part of this committee.


The book comittee takes care of the selling of books that student need every quarter. IAPC orders the books for Inter-Actief and Proto.


The helpdesk comittee (previously Sales&Support) takes care of the answering of question of costumers (mainly information and advice). Since last year we use a online [ticket system] (


In the logistics comittee are cooperants who order products at suppliers and (when they have arrived) register them in the stock administration.


If provided products show defects, the RMA-committee will investigate these claims and try to reproduce them. If necessary, the product will be returned to the supplier for a refund, reparation or replacement

System management

The management committee of IAPC is responsible for taking care of the computer systems of our foundation. Especially iTunes is deeply despised

WWW (pronounced “Wey Wey Wey”)

The WWW-committee manages the current websites and develops possible new sites.


IAPC uses SKROL for almost all store related administration — from orders to stock management. The SKROL-committee is responsible for the maintenance and expansion of this system. Due to the development of Swipe, the system that replaces SKROL, their activities are reduced to solving shortcomings and issues in the current system.


The Kas-committee checks the activities of the treasurer. This is to reduce creative accounting and holidays to Hawaii to a minimum


The Public Relations-committee creates actions and advertentions (in relation to reqruitement of cooperants, profit and brand awareness) and they implement these.


To keep our volunteers happy, we try to organise excursions every now and then. This committee takes care of making these go well.


The LustrumCie is a 5-yearly committee for the organising the lustrum-activities.