Because of a longer lasting lack of new board members, IAPC cannot currently start up again. If we can’t find new board members in the short term we may never again be able to. With that, something unique is at risk of disappearing. Want to know more? Or do you want to know more about why doing board at IAPC is worth considering, and possibly join the two candidate board members that we already have to save IAPC?

Cooperant Privacy Policy


Within IAPC a file of all its cooperants is kept for administration. In this file personal details are stored of cooperants and other contacts.

Stored personal data

For cooperants these details consist of: name, initials, last name prefix, last name, address, postal code, place of residence, province, country, phone number and email address and login-tokens. For contacts this details can exists of: name, last name prefix, name, address, postal code, place of residence, province, country, phone number, email address and website. Cooperants and contacts can both be part of committees, which is also stored in the same system.


IAPC keeps track of the following data in the copro-file:

  • Who is cooperant at IAPC
  • Who is part of which committee of IAPC
  • Who is part of, or has been part of the Supervisory board of IAPC
  • Who is part of, or has been part of the board of IAPC, and with which function
  • Who are honorary (board) members
  • With which parties there is frequent contact
  • Who has the right to use which services

The aim of keeping track of this data is for the fulfilment of the following goals:

  • The ability to fulfil the (internal land external) activities of IAPC
  • The expanding of information on the history of IAPC

Storage Term

For the data in the cooperant file a storage term of two years (after last activity) is used. Exceptions due to historical reasons are:

  • (former)members of the Supervisory Board
  • (former)members of the Board
  • Honorary (board)members

Processing of personal data

With login credentials cooperants are able to login at the webservices of IAPC. The board of IAPC is responsible fort he processing of personal data in the cooperant file, they are supported by the authorised members of the committee “Beheer/Syscom”.

Right to insight

Every cooperant can get insight to the data kept on him by logging in with their login credentials on the website. Contacts can ask for insight from the board of IAPC.

Right to be forgotten

Both contacts as cooperants can ask for removal of their personal data from the cooperant file at the board of IAPC. All data which has to kept stored due to legal reasons, will only be removed after this legal term